USA  – Harvest Home Thursday,  December 6, 2018

Many thanks to Sheila for bringing her crazy love for Jesus to make this house a house of joy. Today the girls worked on the puzzles that they are making for the children in Mexico. We were blessed with our sister Rebecca, our friend from Anacortes, who brought Bishop Anthony Owor from Tororo, Uganda for a visit. Rebecca is working on a directory for their church families in eastern Uganda for Anthony. He is visiting the USA for the first time and will be leaving on Wednesday for Portland and then back to his family in Uganda. Anthony shared his testimony with the ladies, while George helped Rebecca with the directories that she is working on for Africa. What a wonderful time of fellowship and before Anthony left, he prayed a blessing over everyone and the Harvest Home. We are praying they will be back Saturday morning to finish their computer work they need to get done and share a little with the Harvest Kids. We will be introducing him and his ministry to Harvest Vision in Central Africa.