USA  – Progress on the greenhouse,  December 4, 2018

Many thanks to Gary for braving the cold weather to reach out to the homeless in our community and to take a few moments and stop by to give the old guys working on the greenhouse a smile and a handshake. Also, a big thank you to the many people who have already donated their time, tools and talent to the progress so far. Fred, Wayne and George were able to put the sideboards up and set the posts for the end walls yesterday. Most importantly, Wayne insisted we visit a neighbor who had a greenhouse and with that drive-by we were able to come up with the direction that the Lord is leading us on how to complete the ends and put the cover over the greenhouse. Please pray for the workers that will help us complete the greenhouse so we can begin to involve the many children and adults that, although unable to help with the construction, will begin to share their gifts and passions with one another to bring God glory and help the light and hope of Jesus shine brighter in our community and to the entire world.