Africa  – DRCongo outreach in Goma,  December 1, 2018

We are so thankful for Augustine and the faithful believers that continue to bring the life-saving message of gospel to those in Goma, in the eastern DRCongo. The community has been ravished by violence in these last few months and curfews were established to allow the military and police to provide some protection. We are thankful for the perseverance of the saints as they face these apparent obstacles, and as always, they find that God continues to open doors for the gospel if His people trust Him and are faithful. God not only provided protection for this outreach, one of the soldiers that was helping with security came to faith in Christ Jesus during the outreach. Thank you, Jesus, that what we see as obstacles, simply become opportunities if we remain faithful. God is incapable of inaction as long as there is one soul left to be saved.