USA  – Harvest Kids, December 22, 2018

Many thanks to Veronica& Adrianna for facilitating the morning.

Madi, Hailey, Laly, Delilah, and Sarah

All crushed cans in the cold and wind.

Counted change - $44.00 = enough for 2 mattresses

 Linda prepared an African snack for lunch – ( oranges, pineapple, mangos, bananas with hot chocolate to drink )

It was a nice surprise to have Christine with Lynn from CEF.

CEF hosted a group activity about different ways people celebrate Christmas. They sat in a circle and passed around a toy while playing music. Whoever had the toy when the music stopped got to share what they do for Christmas. Afterward, sang “Joy to the World.” Lynn read the candy cane story, giving the girls candy canes and handed out gifts for the children’s mothers, consisting of information on Child’s Evangelism Fellowship. Then made candy canes out of pipe cleaners.