USA  – We can make a difference,  December 11, 2018

Many thanks to everyone that collects their aluminum cans and donates them for the Harvest Kids to recycle. Over 5 years, these young warriors have been committed to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate vulnerable children in central Africa, many of whom are orphaned and born aid’s infected. There motto has been, “We CAN make a difference” and we have witnessed the true meaning of the question, “What CAN faith do?”. We are thankful for our sister, Cheryl, who has faithfully brought her trailer over to load up the cans and drive them to visit our Christian brothers at Zee’s Recycling in Lynden. This year, the kids have recycled 2,400 pounds and donated over $1,000 to support Comfort Africa and help pay the teachers at the primary school for the Wambuti pygmy tribe on Idjwe Island in the DRCongo. During our visits to Zee’s, we have become acquainted with one of their young workers, that after hearing the testimonies of Harvest Kids, has led his family into praying and supporting the work. He prays with his family and was so blessed that his 5 year old son, Estevan, wanted to donate his $1 towards meeting this need. That is the same age that Madilyn was when her mother helped her and her 3 year old sister, Hailey, start the ministry