USA – “Harvest Kids”, July 8, 2017

What a Blessing to have a small but mighty group of 5 kids today. We would like to take the time to thank the many people whom pray and support all His children. We also would like to express a huge thank you to the people in the area that continually drop off cans here at the Harvest House and our other collection sights. We started our morning outdoors with four-square then moved right along into crushing cans. Joanna shared with the kids why & how they make a difference crushing cans and collecting coins for the vulnerable children in Africa. We talked about the recent funds that were sent over to Africa for Comfort Africa along with the monies that was sent to the Canaan Foundation in Mukono. They filled 1 more inch in change and have only 7 more to go until it’s filled for the 11th time. Noah led us all in prayer before enjoying lunch. The Kids listened as we read out of the Bible Romans 3:1-31. We then summed up 31 verses in 1 short sentence with a game of fill in the blanks “Everyone is a sinner.” This was followed with Romans 8:1-39 “God’s spirit makes us his children.” With the gift of such beautiful weather we then loaded up and went to the local park for a short time of fellowship and fun. The kids really enjoyed it.