Blog – USA Garage Sale June 2-3, 2017

God granted us beautiful weather for the weekend of our garage sale. One day was overcast and cool, the next was warm and sunny. (But no rain) A Big Thank you to everyone that donated items that people could find the treasure they were looking for, from a small child’s toy to a wooden bookcase or oak table. It was a time of getting to know people and share the love of Jesus with them. Thank you to Paula, Sheila, Harriett, Sarah, Isaac, Dale, Gary and Laly for giving of your time to help out for those two days and to our neighbor, Virginia for loaning us tables for the event. We displayed signs and a mosquito net and a water jug as visuals for everyone to see and shared with them that the proceeds were going for things like the nets and clean drinking water to children in Africa. $920.50 was the amount we received to further the Kingdom