USA  – Kulshan Apt Street Fair, June 10, 2017

Thanks to Mount Vernon police officer, Edgar Serrano, who helps organize and coordinate the Kulshan Street Fair that allows all of the people from these four apartment complexes in Mount Vernon to come together for a great day of community fellowship. Whatever you might would have wanted you could find it here: garage sales, vendors with real Mexican food and drinks of all types and even the new-trend spinners for the kids. Thanks to Armando Lopez and his family that helped with setting up the worship trailer and organizing the team of gifted musicians that made this such a special day. From the blowing of the shofar to begin this sacred assembly. Sacred, because the presence of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit prevailed even as the rain clouds hovered overhead throughout the day yet not a drop of rain hit the pavement. Thanks to Dennis for helping over-all and Art, Jeanette, Alicia and Dean for leading the worship. We were blessed to meet many friends that came to the fair throughout the day and some of them joined to share their musical gifts with us and others we were able to pray with and for throughout the day. What better way to finish the day – Armando called in the evening to share that one of the young men that had helped us throughout the day made a decision to accept Jesus when he gave him a ride home. We are looking forward to more events throughout the summer, starting with groups of different musicians throughout the area playing on the worship trailer from July 1-4 at the Riverfront Park in Sedro Woolley from 11am-7pm every day. If you are interested in participating, contact Dina at 360-421-0548 or Armando at 360-770-3675. We will also be back for the next Kulshan street fair on August 26th, which is also George’s 70th birthday.