Africa – May salvations, June 10, 2017

Even though we haven’t received the testimonies from all the coordinators for the month of May, we did receive testimonies from David in northern Uganda and from Evariste in Burundi. Lot’s of miracles happened and all 10 of the outreaches they coordinated during the month, but the greatest miracle of all is those that the Holy Spirit prompted to received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We are thankful to be witness to those 1, 138 that have now taken their rightful place in the kingdom and have received their inheritance. We are 1, 138 times stronger as a family than we were just a short time ago. Thank you for those that pray and support the workers from the USA and Mexico and thank you for these leaders and the believers that help bring the gospel to their communities and take on the responsibility to teach them to be true disciples.