Africa – Sarah Light visits Kampala, June 1,2017

David & Suzan & their 1 year old son, Azriel, were blessed by having Sarah Light and her 1 year old daughter, Joyce, visit with them in Kampala, Uganda. Sarah is the late widow of John Light, who was serving as the Harvest Vision coordinator in South Sudan, until his death this spring. After fleeing from the rebels into the desert from their home in Juba, South Sudan, last year, their 3-year old daughter died while they were without food and water for those few days. Later, John, Sarah and their 3 other children, which included Rebecca & Isaac, were able to seek refuge in Uganda, where after 9 months of battling tuberculosis, typhoid and eventually cancer, John went to be with the Lord. Pr. Martin and Prossy were privileged to return to South Sudan with Sarah and the family for the burial in April. Sarah took the children to visit John’s home village in South Sudan after the burial for a visit before returning to Uganda where she could find support for the education of her children as a refugee. John’s family made the decision that Rebecca & Isaac should remain in the village until they learn their father’s native language. Sarah came to Uganda to renew her refugee status so she could return and get the two older children and then return to Uganda. Suzan said of her visit, “Joyce turned 1-year old this month. She is such a jolly lovely soul. So much like her father. When Sarah comes back, she wants to join adult school so that she can improve her English and her general well being. She is such a positive young lady and very motivated to move on with her life. Pray that she gets reunited with her children soon. Pray that the Lord provides for her children’s education. Please keep Sarah in your prayers.”