US Ministry- Smokey Point Rest Area- May 26-29,2017


What a wonderful time it was to hand out coffee and cookies to weary travelers through this Memorial weekend. Thank-you to all that volunteered their time and home-made or bought cookies and brownies. I know that there are many special moments that happened throughout the whole weekend. Moments when Jesus was there in your voice as you greeted the people and handed them a cup of coffee and cookie, or when you asked, “How is your day?”, or” Where are you headed?” It always surprises me when the people acknowledge how grateful they are that we are there for them, but then, I’ve been a weary traveler myself, on occasion. The rest area is not only a fun fund-raising opportunity for us, but also, a time that we can share the love of Jesus with many people. I am happy to say that there was $587 donated to help further the Kingdom. God granted us the opportunity to repeat the blessing next week-end on the northbound side. And, we have volunteered 4 more times through this year – Aug.18-21, Sept. 8-11, Nov.3-6 and Dec. 22-25, so, if you are available to help in any way for these times, please contact Linda Henson. We want to extend this opportunity (Volunteering time or making cookies) to as many of our fellowship as we can.