USA - Marriage Covenant Ceremony eat the cake May 21,2017

What a blessing to have these six couples join with other couples locally and from Mexico and Africa that have committed their lives and marriages to the work of Jesus Christ as He prepares the Church to be His Bride. This was the marriage covenant ceremony at Lyman Baptist on Sunday, May 21st. After the couples reconfirmed their covenant vows with each other as husband and wife, each couple placed a lock onto the foot of the cross as their commitment to “deny themselves and pick up their cross and follow Him” so they may “serve, rather than be served” for the building of God’s Kingdom. These couples with 150 years of combined marriage joined forces with their co-laborers around the world for the strengthening of the Body of Christ. Of course, the celebration isn’t over until we see that we can “have the cake and eat it too”! It is obvious that every couple loves Jesus, each other and cake. What a day for the family of God.