USA – Marriage Covenant Ceremony, May 21, 2017

We were so blessed by the six couples that came together to reconfirm their covenant as husband and wife and then corporately to serve together for the work of the kingdom of Jesus Christ at the Marriage Covenant Ceremony at Lyman Baptist on May, 21st. Those that participated were Pr. Joe & Nellie Miller, 47 years as a pastor and celebrating 50 years of marriage on Aug 4th; Chuck & Lynn Griffin, Lynn serving as Director of Child’s Evangelism Fellowship and celebrating 45 years on June 10; Ken & Jeannie Cornett, celebrating 27 years of actively serving the Lord in marriage on Dec. 26; Marcelle & Cherise Jones, evangelist and founder of Holy Ghost Riders Christian music ministry celebrating 15 years on June 21; Jake & Sarah Self, actively serving in the Lyman Baptist church family and celebrating 8 years on July 25 and Kelly & Lisa Davis, working with Harvest Vision Ministries and celebrating 5 years on June 15. They represent a combined total of 150 years of marriage and parenting 37 children and 81 grandchildren & great grandchildren. Thanks to the Lyman Baptist church family that provided the venue and support and everyone that helped set up and clean up. George shared a message and Ted administered the vows to each couple and afterward, each couple placed an engraved lock on the foot of the cross. The cross had the locks from other couples that participated in February and each couple will find a location and throw their key away to represent their commitment to the work of the kingdom. The directors of the ministry in Mexico and Africa, along with their co-laborers, have done likewise in their countries and those crosses are a symbol of that kingdom commitment. The evening included beautiful songs, a potluck and the traditional sharing of the cupcakes. Jesus’ prayer to the Father was, “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.”