Mexico- Spring Break Trip 2017 03.31.17-04.09.17


The team from the Spring Break Mexico trip had a busy week during their time there. They visited Mission Jireh and had a worship service and volleyball game with them! They visited several local churches in the area as well as friends and neighbors. Although it was not everyone’s first trip, it was Isabella’s first. Cassie, Austin, Angie, Kaleb, Shane, Braelyn, Chelsea, and Mackenzie have all been on a trip in the past. They were able to go visit Brenda and her family, which is never short of a blessing for the team. They visited Christina in cardboard city and took her a bag of beans to help feed the 64+ kids she feeds on Sunday. She also teaches the children to read and write during the week. The team played football in the streets with all of the kids. During their time Shane was able to fix the white mission van that is used in Mexico. Isabella and Braelyn $ Isabella decided to get baptized in the canal by Olivia and Miguel. To be washed clean of the sins of this world. Throughout the week the team many visitors come to meet them and fellowship with them. The trip ended with a see ya later lunch with friends before they hopped in the van for the lovely drive back home to Washington with Olivia.