USA – “Harvest Kids” Earth Day at Howard Miller Steelhead Park 4-22-17

What a glorious day to celebrate what God has created as one body. Harvest Kids was brought together at the Harvest Home by 9am then off for our adventure in cooperation with Skagit Fisheries to Howard Miller Steelhead Park in Rockport, WA. There were many things for the kids to do. They started the day by removing vegetation tubes from maturing trees followed by stopping by many of the booths that were set up with demonstrations for educational purposes. They were educated on everything from the age of trees by counting rings in a tree cutting to how to tie fly’s for fishing. The rain hit just in time for lunch. Shane braved the rain to roast the hotdogs over the coals at a neighboring campsite reserved by Skagit fisheries. Running the dogs back and forth to ensure they were hot for us to eat. In the mean while we set up to break bread with all under a covered pavilion. HK lead us in prayer before the meal. We finished our day with a good bye to all our friends new and old at the event. Sharing in the newly learned HK theme song. We would like to express thanks to all of the family, friends & guardians that pray & provide for the discipleship of our youth.