Africa 04-18-17

We were blessed to have a visit with Pr Isaac and his wife, Jose, at their home in Kampala, Uganda. They were unable to join us at the coordinator’s conference because he has been fighting typhoid and malaria, so it was a double blessing to have our Burundi and Kenya coordinators and their wives with us for the visit. Isaac fled to Uganda three years ago after a plot was discovered to kill him and his family. He founded the Eglise Gloria Dieu (EGD) church families in the eastern DRCongo and the Mirena prayer movement that brought pastors and church families together to intercede for peace in the DRC. He was the active HV coordinator for the DRC before he moved to Uganda. He continues to help over-see the ministry in the DRC and founded another church family of mostly Congolese in Kampala. It is difficult for many Congolese refugees that have been afforded asylum in Uganda because they speak mainly French and Swahili and most of the people in this part of Uganda speak English and Lugandan. He is also recovering from a back surgery that was performed in India 3 months ago and has complicated stomach problems that were aggravated because of all the strong pain killers that were required during over a year of constant pain until the money was raised for the surgery in India. He is surrounded by loving family members and many brothers and sisters in Christ and we know that he has much to contribute to the future work that God has established for Harvest Vision Ministries.