Mexico – Linda, Cassie, & Mo in San Luis 03.06.17

After two years of prayer and being so helpful and supportive of Harvest Vision Ministries over-all, our sister, Moe, from Anacortes, WA is in San Luis, Mexico to share her love for Jesus with the people there. Linda and Cassie were blessed to take our sister Cecelia, from the Navajo Indian Reservation, back to New Mexico after she had visited and blessed the Harvest Vision family in Washington with her testimony of unrestrained love and devotion to Jesus Christ. They also took lot’s of donations of cloth for the sewing ministry in Mexico and lot’s of canning supplies for the canning ministry that Moe will be doing while she is in Mexico. After getting settled into the mission home, Cassie and Linda, crossed the border and met up with Moe and brought her to the mission home. They are staying there with Miguel and Olivia and have already met some of our friends and neighbors that are part of the Harvest Vision Mexico family. Olivia is working to make room for all the cloth donated for the sewing ministry and she has already invited three groups of women to come for “canning” classes over the next two days. The girls traveled to Mexicali to purchase meats and other food that Moe will be teaching the girls to preserve by canning for future use. Please pray for our co-laborers in this community that sacrifice to reach the lost and hurting and to help those that choose their new life in Jesus Christ to be true disciples of His for the glory of the Father. “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others. Faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10