USA – Harvest Kids at Skagit Fisheries tree potting, March 4, 2017

Neither rain nor snow can keep the Harvest Kids from finding ways to make a difference in the world that God has entrusted to us. Thanks to the parents and guardians that allowed their kids to join us on the outreach and to Shane, Lazro, Veronica & Wayne for providing leadership as the kids joined with the Skagit Fisheries and other volunteers to pot trees that will be planted on the sides of streams to protect the environment and fisheries. It was pretty non-stop work, but the kids moved dirt, packed pots with the saplings and then helped carry them to the nursery spot where they will be kept until they are moved to transplant. The kids will be joining Skagit Fisheries again on Saturday, March 18th. The kids gather at the Harvest Home (9467 Pierce Lane, Sedro Woolley) at 9:30am and will be traveling to Carey’s Slough in Hamilton to join with the Skagit Fisheries team and other volunteers to plant trees. Please contact Joanna at 636-209-1538 or Veronica 425-244-2525 for information or this outreach or other Harvest Kids events. It was really special because it was Ashley’s 12th birthday today and after the work with Skagit Fisheries we visited with Wayne and Rebecca Watne for hot dogs before finishing up our afternoon. The kids got to see some of Wayne’s trophies, including the boar hog head that he has mounted out by his firepit. At the end of our visit, the kids took a vote on having Skagit Fisheries come to Harvest Kids some time and make a presentation for their group. Thanks Wayne & Rebecca!