USA – Children’s Museum, March 11, 2017

 Thank you to the Children’s Museum for welcoming HK on an unscheduled event. After calling all the parents and guardians of the children for approval, the Kids were surprised with a visit to the Children’s Museum for more fellowship and fun. Shane, George, Mondo, Amber & Misty were among the adults that went to supervise the very active young adults. George Erikson even showed after work and allowed the girls to serve him in the café. They were all so excited to spend a day in fellowship with one another. March is a month of new beginnings. We have created a Harvest Kid Calendar with many new and exciting scheduled events. These will be handed out on the last scheduled day of HK which falls on the 4th Saturday of the month. If your children are unable to attend, we will be mailing them to you on the address provided on the permission slips. We have a committee that meets on a regular basis on behalf of intentionally using the kids as disciples to friends and family. We are so excited about our next planned date fellowship on April 1, 2017 at the Children’s Museum in Burlington, WA. We would appreciate anyone that feels called to bring snacks to share. As family of Christ we are exploring new thoughts on locations for future fellowships, granting the opportunity for all family & friends to come together in his name. We are hoping that we will continue to meet new & old friends together in Gods Glorious name.