USA – Harvest Kids help Nalidi orphan school children, Feb 22, 2017

Many thanks to the gentleman that dropped off the aluminum cans for the Harvest Kids this last week. We are so thankful for everyone that supports the vision these kids have to help vulnerable children in Central Africa that are with none or very few of the things that we have been blessed with and sadly many times take for granted. Such as food, power, clean water, medicine, hospitals, a bed to sleep in or a family. The kids are meeting the need of some children in one of the schools in Uganda that they have helped with in the past 3+ years. This is the email that we received yesterday notifying us of the need.

To: Harvest Vision Ministries

We glorify our God for the wonders and miracles which are following His Grace to our daily Life. I hope Love and grace of Him is doing good to all our brethren around the Harvest Vision Family. This is
Patrick appreciating Harvest Vision Ministry for the provision and vital support you have rendered to our Orphanage . Since you come in I testify you brought back the hopes of the hopeless Children at Nalidi. And this have resulted or harvested fruits by our academic standard changing , the lives have changed.
    Through Harvest Vision we have achieved the following .
       1. Biblical training of Leaders.
       2. Children got Mosquito nets , Filter containers , Beds , Mattresses,  Towels, bed sheets,  and so

           many other vital materials .
     3.  Construction of boys Latrine and girl's wash room .
     4.  Completion of Girl's dormitory . Drilling of Borehole and the Purchase of Land ,and so many others.  All these led to lower the spread of diseases at School ,since they have are now sleeping well, studying well, life is fair compared to the previous Years. All this are the fruits from the seeds sown by Harvest Vision.

I kindly say have mercy on us again. Last year 2016 P.L.E Exams our School was the best performed in the all County of Butebbo . We got FourPupils in First Grade ,and Seventeen in second Grade. Through
God's grace we got Bursaries from GREEN PASTURE SECONDARY SCHOOL MBALE for all our Seven Orphans . Now it's our role to facilitate them with Scholastic Materials .
Our dear Fathers ,have mercy on us ,If God can use you and get us 800,000 schillings, to buy uniforms and books for the seven Orphans to stay at School .We have taken them to School without uniforms,and others are having fourto five books .The life there is not easy for them as they study ( Life is strange ).
 Let us cerebrate together the yields from your effortwhich brought this change to our Children.
   Thank you as you pray for this need, now two weeks when we took to School .
       Have a blessed day .
       I remains Pastor PATRICK for NALIDI ORPHANAGE. AMEN !