USA – Marriage Covenant Ceremony 2.18.17

“What God brings together let no man separate” – Matthew 19:6. What a beautiful thing it is to see these 5 couples make a public recommitment and covenant to each other, God, and the body of Christ to be One Flesh and lay themselves down and pick up their cross. The evening began with opening prayer and song of worship about the church as the bride and God as the bridegroom followed by a short message by George about the heart behind the ceremony. We had a Marriage Covenant Ceremony on January 1st in San Luis Mexico. The vision is to bring couples together as one to be kingdom focused not only with one another but with the rest of the body of Christ. There will also be a ceremony in Africa in April bringing together all of the coordinators and leaders and their wives involved in Harvest Vision Ministries Africa for the first and probably last time as they are expanding faster than we can keep track of! After George’s message we enjoyed another song called Dancing in the Minefields. This song is about the challenges involved in marriage, overcoming them together and still willing to be together after the difficult things. The things you don’t expect and can’t be prepared for and STILL choosing to forgive and be one flesh. For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Each couple was given a scripture and led through their vows by Ted Brockmann. After each couple recited their vows they took a lock engraved with both of their names and locked it on the foot of the cross. Each couple is responsible for getting rid of their key forever. This represents choosing to lock together as one with each other and Jesus Christ forever. We also plan on having another Ceremony in the near future and challenge any married couple who longs to be even more kingdom focused to join in. There is something so powerful about recommitting and it was thick in the air Saturday night at the Ceremony. Some couples had been married for 4 years, some married for 40, but all were choosing oneness together. The night closed with a meal, fellowship, cake cutting (smashing for some people) and receiving the certificates of vow renewal. Thank you so much to the Lyman Baptist church family for letting us use your facility, kitchen, and equipment and to all who helped with decorations, food, desserts, set up and clean up. It was truly a blessing. If you are interested in participating in the next ceremony, please contact George 360.421.8811 or Linda 360.421.8812. The cross will be kept at the harvest home.