USA – A Visit to Granite Falls, Jan 27, 2017

What a wonderful time to visit Walker Motor Works in Marysville and Kylee and her family in Granite Falls. We are so thankful that WMW continues to be a wonderful partner to the ministry from helping donate a truck for Mexico, helping the community get involved by collecting gloves and hats for the mission team to Mexico, donating old license plates for Harvest Kids, making financial donations and in other ways giving people the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves. After that stop, George & Joanna stopped by the expresso stand in Granite Falls that has been faithfully collecting and donating cans for Harvest Kids for the last two years and then went to visit Kylee and her kids. Kylee was able to share with Joanna some of the projects that we have been involved with in the past to support the ministry in Africa – such as making object cards to teach adults and children how to read and write in different languages; some of our ongoing projects such as making Harvest Vision Ministries decals for car windows (which Joanna will be helping to make available to everyone); and future projects such as making tee shirts. We were blessed to have Madilyn and Hailey show us the positions that Sandy taught them when she visited from Mexico in the fall and Claire just basically showed off. We are looking forward to actively giving more people in the Marysville and Granite Falls the opportunity to better share the love of Jesus in their own communities and in Mexico and Central Africa. As always, in sharing their testimonies, Kylee found out that Joanna has lived in Marysville and they actually have some mutual friends. “Coincidence is God’s way of keeping his anonymity!”