Mexico News January 2017

We began the month of January with some lovely friends from WA, George and Linda! On the 1st of January they held a Marriage Covenant Ceremony at the Fellowship Center here in San Luis. They were joined by 12 couples who all renewed their marriage vows and made a new covenant to each other and Christ. Together they all hooked a lock engraved with their names on to the foot of the cross and were given the responsibility to throw away the key somewhere. They were also able to do some work on the fellowship center during the trip. Miguel is working on the kitchen area of the new fellowship center and we are waiting estimates for the completion of the baptismal and roof. We also praying for the $1,200 needed for chairs & tables. On Saturday, Jan 28th, the fellowship center will be used for the second time as Mision Jireh youth are hosting a multi-church family, city-wide youth event. Mision Jireh will also be starting to use the sewing ministry in the future. We are looking forward to Linda, Cassie and Mo visiting in March to bring more cloth for the sewing ministry and teach us about canning foods.

Currently, Olivia is working diligently to get her Mexico passport so she can join George and Linda in Africa for the coordinator’s conference in April. We are looking forward to the spring break team coming in March! If you are interested in going on a mission trip to Mexico make sure to contact Angela Fields at 360.853.5650 for more information.