Mexico – George & Linda Prep for Celebration

Arrived in Yuma yesterday and were able to visit Lynette and Malaika before crossing over to Mexico. We wired up the light for the storage shed and had great fellowship with Miguel and Olivia before our first night of rest in Mexico. Linda and I enjoyed some fresh grapefruit that Lynette gave us from their tree and we are preparing for the marriage covenant celebration tomorrow in the new fellowship center. Each couple renewing their marriage covenant will be given a lock and key with their names inscribed on the lock. They will unlock their lock and lock it onto the foot of the cross representing their commitment to put Jesus Christ as the center of their relationship - to deny themselves, pick up their cross and to follow Him. They will then take the key to a place and throw it away. Any other couple that would like to participate can also add their lock as a commitment to stand with Christ together with these other couples.