Africa – December salvations & update, Jan 17, 2017

How exciting to report the testimonies of salvations in the month of December from our co-laborers using the sound & video equipment in outreaches in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi and the DRCongo. They coordinated 19 outreaches in 72 days and were witness to 3,245 people accepting Jesus. That brings the total for 2016 to 44,435 that have come to faith in Jesus Christ and are now being taught to be true disciples in local church families in their communities. Many of you know that prior to flying to India for neck & back surgery, Pr Isaac our DRCongo coordinator, has been in terrible pain for almost a year and finally ended up taking a very strong pain killer just to get any rest. The caregivers in India have diagnosed that his body has been poisoned and are in the process of trying to get his body detoxed and doing tests to determine the best course of treatment for his neck and back. Please also keep, Pr Martin and Beatrice, the Harvest Vision Africa Director, lifted up in prayer as they face the responsibility of taking care of his brother’s four school age children. They have been living in Kenya with their grandmother and Martin and his family have been paying their school fees for the last couple of years. The grandmother just passed away and they are having the burial on Feb 3rd. Martin will have the responsibility of determining where the children can stay while they finish their education.