Africa – John Light & South Sudan, September 14, 2016

We are so grateful for everyone’s prayers for peace in South Sudan and for all the families that fled and have become refugees in north Uganda. Pr. John Light, the South Sudan HVM coordinator, and his family also sought asylum there and then John was sent to Kampala, because he was very sick. After three weeks in different hospitals and multiple testing, they have diagnosed him with tuberculosis. He has started to receive treatment which will take 6 months, but is no longer in the hospital and is staying with Pr. Martin and his family in Kampala. We are hoping that within two weeks they will relocate John back to north Uganda so he can be with his family. We are also excited to hear that about 20 believers have returned to Juba, South Sudan, and have started meeting together under a tree on the church property. A windstorm had already blew the roof off the church building. Although their homes were ransacked and everything taken during the war, they are back to serve God in their own community. John’s desire is to return and continue the work that has been started to reach the lost and teach them to be disciples. Please continue to pray for John’s healing, his transfer back to his family and ultimately the church family in South Sudan.