Africa – Prossy’s poultry project, September 19, 2016

Many thanks to those that support our co-laborers in Central Africa. During the last month (August), using the sound & video equipment provided by Harvest Vision Ministries here in the USA, the coordinators supported outreaches and were witness to over 6,000 people being saved and now being discipled in local church families. Thanks to everyone’s prayers, support and the sacrificial giving and dedication of our Africa co-laborers almost 30,000 people have been saved the first 8 months of this year which is more than all of last year. We know that God is touching the hearts of many that are lost and broken and drawing them to Himself. A few months ago, we were able to send funds to help support sustainability projects that helps provide some living expenses for our coordinators who are out on missions much of the time. This helps them pay rent, buy food, take care of any medical expenses and for school fees for their children or orphans in their care. Two of these projects were: motorbikes for Christopher in NW Uganda, who has young Christian men use them for taxi service so they can have an income and then uses the surplus to support his own needs and a poultry project for Prossy in N Uganda, who has someone help care for them when she is on missions and them sells them when they are ready for market. In order to provide heat, they use a small charcoal stove that needs to be kept tended until the chicks get bigger. “Lord we thank You that You are the provider. Bless those that pray and give the support needed and for these servants in Africa that are about your kingdom business. Give them wisdom to care for these projects that they may bring You glory. In Jesus Name, Amen.”