We (George, Linda, Madilyn & Hailey) were so blessed to travel to eastern WA to visit with Pr John Seaman and the Christian community in Curlew, WA. We only got lost once finding our way to Republic, but were able to find a small motel room and then made the drive to connect up with John and meet some of his friends on the property 5 miles out of Curlew. This is the place where John is basing the bereavement ministry that the Lord put on his heart after the loss of his daughter in an automobile accident that was caused by a drunk driver a few years ago. What a wonderful community and group of believers that are trusting God to make a difference in the kingdom. Saturday, we drove out to the property and visited for awhile, before heading back into Curlew to the swimming hole. Afterwards, we went to the Curlew Restaurant and were blessed with a wonderful meal and then the owners, Ryan and Kimberly, and their family brought out their instruments and led us in worship. What an awesome presence of the Holy Spirit moving through the body. We were able to finish up with a visit to the Curlew General Store and some ice cream, before saying “See ya later”, to all our brothers and sisters that we had the privilege of meeting. John has a great vision to build some cabins and make it possible for those that have lost loved ones to come for fellowship, healing and restoration. In the interim, it’s church fellowship with other believers and reaching out to those in need of deliverance from addiction and healing for their bodies. Please pray for the community and the ministry here. If prompted, you can contact John via Facebook under “Kellilynn’s Spiritual Recovery Center”. You can also donate electronically to the ministry from the www.harvestvisionministries.org website and select this ministry under “purpose” of gift.