USA – Greetings from Peace in Africa, August 27, 2016

Yesterday during Harvest Kids, Pastor Jonathan from the Llagwe Church family and Canaan School Foundation in Mukono, Uganda called. Jonathan's example to help orphans in his community is what prompted Madilyn, when she was 4 years old, to want to build a home and get beds for the orphans in Africa in January 2013 when she heard about their sacrifices to show the love of Jesus to these kids. If you don't know the "rest of the story", we encourage you to check out the Madilyn's House project video on the website. After, Madilyn, her mother Kylee and her sister Hailey started the building project and visited in June 2013, they immediately came back and started Harvest Kids. Immediately after they started raising funds, Jonathan introduced them to a young orphan named Peace and she became Madilyn's counterpart to stir people to support building "Madilyn's House". That started a bond that continues to this day, as Kylee, her husband Blake, Madilyn, Hailey and sister, Claire, are working to adopt her. Madilyn and Hailey were able to talk to Peace yesterday and then Jonathan sent this text: "Greetings from Peace to Grand Father and Mother and to Her Mother and Father, Blake, Kylee, Madilyn, Hailey and the baby. Peace says: I am missing you Daddy and Mumy and my sisters."