We join with Pr John & Sarah Light , their 3 children and the orphans with them in South Sudan as they struggle to find water and food, especially in light of the fact that they buried their 3 year old daughter, Blessing, 3 days ago. We also have much to be joyful about. She is with the Lord. We also know that John is making a effort to get to the bank to get some money to help them with food and water. A small group of kids got together here in Sedro Woolley, WA, 3 years ago because a 5 year old girl and her 3 year old sister wanted to try and help vulnerable children in Africa, 11,000 miles from where they live. They also found out that Pr John and his family many days have only one meal a day, so the Harvest Kids have been sending $50/month to help them with food. It is with great joy that we know that part of the money that John might be able to get from that trip to the bank includes that money. God bless you kids for not waiting for the loss of a child to prompt you to sacrificially give your time, pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.