We appreciate everyone that donates cans, coins and helps these kids get to Harvest Kids the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month. After the kids crushed the cans, we shared about our Pastor friend in South Sudan who had to flee his home with his children and orphans during this last week. Hiding out with no water or food and sadly their 3 year old child Blessing went to be with the Lord. Although we aren’t sure their situation now after a week, we do know that if possible they have available $50 that these kids had sent to help them with food and which they do every month. We are hoping the Lord will allow them to secure that from the bank and meet some of their needs. It is wonderful to hear one of these children pray for this family in Africa, 11,000 miles from where they are sitting. What a blessing to share with them that they had fulfilled what Jesus taught us in the parable of the Good Samaritan. Afterwards, the kids put their pennies, nickel, dimes and quarters in their collection bullet, then had lunch. Three new kids came and we were able to get their handprints on the mural wall, birthdays listed on the birthday wall and sang Happy Birthday for our July birthdays. Fred DeVries had invited the kids to visit his dairy and LeeAnn, his daughter, had offered to give the kids horse rides, so we “saddled up” (got in the van) and went to the farm. It was wonderful to witness LeeAnn share her love for animals and especially horses with everyone that came with us. She patiently showed them how to prepare the horses for riding, made sure they were safe at all times and reminded them the importance of sharing and allowing everyone an opportunity to have their turn. Obviously, having two friendly dogs and “Roger” the goat running around made it a little more fun. Thanks to everyone that prays and helps