As much as we celebrate the Holy Spirit drawing us together as His Church and witness lives being changed for eternity, such as yesterday when Sheila came to the Harvest Home right after Harriet received a phone call about a relative that had what appeared to be a heart attack and was in the hospital. Linda and Harriet went to visit the man and his family and at the end of the visit, he accepted Jesus as His Savior. Praise God. Now it appears the diagnosis was not correct and he can be treated. Unfortunately, "our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." We just testified about almost 2,500 people that accepted Jesus in Africa in April. We received the report from the DRCongo from Pr Isaac who is always faithful although he is in constant pain from 5 vertabra that are out in his neck; from Pr Billy in the E. Uganda who is in pain and still receiving treatment for the damage to his chest that occurred from a motorbike accident on his way to teach at the bible school and his shoulder that was damaged when he was robbed and left unconscious in the jungle while returning from a crusade and from Suzan, who typed the report even as she shared reluctantly that is was with some difficulty because she is pregnant and on crutches recovering from the accident that killed her motorbike driver and sent her to the hospital. PLEASE JOIN IN PRAYER. We just received word that Evariste, our Burundi coordinator, was in an accident and is having his hand X-rayed and broke his glasses on the way to teach at the Bible school. Martin just talked to John Light, our South Sudan coordinator, who is sending the report for April outreaches, but has had no outreaches in May because he is in much pain diagnosed with a hernia but doesn't have the $300 for the operation. We are in prayer for all these needs, even as God answers the prayers for two more sets of equipment and many water filters that have been donated to help save lives in these communities. If God isn't moving through you then there is not threat to the work that Satan is concerned with. But for those in the battle for souls - we are constantly encouraged by remembering the words of David - "THE BATTLE BELONGS TO THE LORD!"