I just received this message from Billy who is our coordinator in E. Uganda. 
Thank you for the prayers you offer on our behalf. Even though the enemy fight against us but we are more than conquerors. 
Yesterday I got my last body check up report about my bones. Some of my bones were damaged,my right hand bone it has a Crack, some bones in the are not in its possion, they found that my inside my bones are being eaten, so that they found arthritis. I have alot of pain a can't sleep. I'm transferred to a bone hospital in kumi district. Where I'm asked to deposit 1.8 million for them to begin the treatment. 
I talked to Martin and he confirmed that Billy is back at the first hospital to get different painkillers because he hasn't slept because of the pain. They think that the injuries were sustained when Billy was robbed and left unconscious in the jungle by the robbers that stole the car and equipment as they were coming back from a crusade. They said that is all they can do, only the bone clinic can provide treatment (whatever that means). Billy tried to contact his brother but he is out of the country and Martin told him they have no money. They already made 600,000 using the truck but used all of that for the testing. Martin is going to ask Billy what the minimum is to at least start treatment and will be calling me back. Billy has been unable to do any ministry for over a week which tells me how bad it is. That 1.8 million is $520USD. Praying.