We are so blessed to be in the harvest fields with our co-laborers in Central Africa and to celebrate with them and our Father in heaven for the 2,478 people that accepted Jesus in April. We received the report from the DRCongo from Pr Isaac who is always faithful although he is in constant pain from 5 vertabra that are out in his neck; from Pr Billy in the E. Uganda who is in pain and still receiving treatment for the damage to his chest that occurred from a motorbike accident on his way to teach at the bible school and his shoulder that was damaged when he was robbed and left unconscious in the jungle while returning from a crusade and from Suzan, who typed the report even as she shared reluctantly that is was with some difficulty because she is pregnant and on crutches recovering from the accident that killed her motorbike driver and sent her to the hospital. None of these people are asking for sympathy, but that you would join with them in the joy they have in helping present the gospel to those that are without the hope we have in Christ Jesus. God bless each of you that join with us in prayer and financially to support our co-laborers locally, in Mexico and in Central Africa. That someday we might stand before our Savior, Lord and King, Jesus Christ, and hear these words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."