Africa - Water Filters in Samburu - 4-6-16

We were blessed to be with our brothers and sisters from the Samburu tribe in north Kenya. They were digging holes in the river bed and letting them slowly fill with water so they can quench their thirst. What a miracle as Pr Martin showed them how to use the simple water filters that remove the protozoa that cause many of the diseases they suffer from here. As the tribal elder, watched and helped Pr Martin, the water was taken from the hole they were kneeling beside and ran through the filter. He drank the clean water, pointed to the water standing in the hole he was kneeling over and said, "Did this water come from there?" What a privilege to be in fellowship with the King's Storehouse Ministry in Ferndale, WA, USA, that have been faithfully obedient to God's voice and donated these filters. What a privilege to be with Pr Simon, our coordinator, and our other co-laborers as they share the love of Jesus in this community. Friday night, they will return to this community and show the Jesus film using the sound and video equipment that our co-laborers from Harvest Vision Ministries in the USA have made available. Jesus, the living water.