Africa - Water Filters & Audio Bibles for Rwanda, Burundi, DRCongo

What a great fellowship we had with our coordinators from Rwanda (Pr. Robert), Burundi (Pr. Evariste) and the eastern DRCongo (Ev. Augustine). Praying for one another and hearing testimonies of so many coming to faith in Jesus Christ in the outlying areas, many of them witchdoctors and Muslims. We gave them the anti-biotics, toothbrushes and children's toys that were donated by co-laborers in Washington. Our friends from the King's Storehouse ministry donated solar-powered audio bibles in Swahili and Kirundi and gravity fed water filters. Pr. Robert founded and directs the AFM bible schools in Kigali, Rwanda and satellite schools in Uganda and the DRCongo. Many of the students and teachers are continually sick because of the water available at the school and he said he was going to have the water filters going the day after we leave. The audio bibles are a great resource for the students to have and especially when they complete their training and return to their various home locations in Rwanda, Burundi, DRCongo, Uganda and Tanzania. He summed up having these available for the school and the over-all ministry - "These two ministry weapons have really hit the bullseye for us!"