Africa - Ted from Kampala - 3-30-16

Hello from Kampala, Uganda, I've been in Africa now for about 5 days and have already met many new people and also seen people again from my last trip in April 2015, it is such a blessing to be together with my brothers and sisters in Christ in Africa, today Pastor George and Pastor Martin and I leave for South Sudan for a couple days and then back to Kampala for one day and then to Kenya for 3 or 4 days, this will be my first trip to these countries and I'm looking forward to the journey that God has us on, attached is just a couple pictures of me spending time with my younger brothers Ivan, Andrew and Ivan, all three of these young men remind me how blessed I am to know them and also how God has put other young men from Washington in my life that have helped me grow in the Lord, the faces and names may be different, but the heart is the same, we are called to encourage each other and I know they have all encouraged me in many ways, blessings from Africa to USA, Canada, Mexico and around the world, much love, Ted Brockmann