Africa - South Sudan - 4-2-16

We were so blessed to visit with Pr. John & Sarah Light, their family and the Christian community in Juba, South Sudan. Hot and arid. The South Sudanese pound has dropped from 5.7sspd/USD to 39sspd/USD in 15 months. To quote John, "No water and no food and people dying every day." John's vision is to spread the gospel throughout South Sudan. The ministry is registered and they have a church facility and home in Darjebel where he is currently finishing the training of 40 leaders, 10 of them pastors. The Koromula church family he first started still meets under a tree and they are praying for a covered roof area on property that the chief has donated for the 300 people that gather. In Joppa, one of the members has moved and started house church fellowships. Outside of Juba, in a nearby village, the chief has donated a large piece of land that now only has one tree and a small covering for a fellowship for the people there. "Open your eyes and look to the harvest. The harvest is plentiful."