Africa - North Kenya - 4-5-16

So grateful to be visiting with Pr. Simon, his wife, Rose, their family and our co-laborers here in Samburu in north Kenya. Quite a contrast from the lush farming land in Kenya to this area where there is little rain throughout the year. The circumstances are unique as they are to all communities but the love of God as expressed through Jesus Christ is the same. Different messengers but the same message of faith, hope and love. "Lord Jesus, we commit our very lives, every heartbeat and every breath, back to You the Creator and Source of our very being. We pray that we may decrease so that Your Light may increase as it shines through us into those that are put in our path. That where there is despair there will be hope, where there is evil there will be good, where there is strife there will be peace, where there is sadness there will be joy, where there is darkness there will be light and where there is death there will be life eternal. In Jesus Name, Amen"