USA - Let nothing be wasted, March 15, 2016

After Jesus fed the 5,000, "He said to His disciples, 'Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted." John 6:12

What an awesome opportunity to see that the words of Jesus are still being fulfilled in the Body.

Thanks to everyone that donated clothing and books for the Value Village fundraiser. Thanks to Angie and others that helped store them and for Shane and Daniel that took them to Value Village. 640 pounds of clothing and 724 pounds of books were donated and we will be receiving $164.25 to help support the ministry. Also, faithful servants have donated aluminum cans and others, including the Harvest Kids, crushed them and put them in bags for the recycle. Wayne has expanded his territory to include a new fishing ministry with partners in the Whatcom County area and this also includes a relationship with the owner of a recycling company in Bellingham who is going to help the ministry by giving a good price for these cans. Thanks again to Shane and Daniel who will pick up Wayne and deliver the cans to the recycle place in Bellingham.