Africa - Email from Suzan, Feb 10, 2016

Hello Grandpa, I hope that you are all well. We are fine too enjoying our free gift of salvation. We bring greetings from the ministry in Africa.
This year started in full gear at the Harvest Church Fellowship Kibuli with 21 days of prayer and fasting. The whole church was involved including the children. We were praying for both our personal needs to have a break through, spiritual growth and revival of the church and for peace during the electoral process in our country. The prayer and fasting was crowned with awesome revival meetings led by our guest Pr. Peter Matee from Machakos, Kenya, and Apostle Emma both anointed men ready and willing to take the true uncorrupted and incorruptible word of God to man kind.
Honestly, the two weeks of those revival meetings has not left the brethren the same. It is very evident that revival has come forth to us. There has been rejuvenation in the spiritual and physical. You can see from the light that is shining out in people’s faces that their lives have been changed. The touch of the Holy Ghost that was evident during the services surely brought revival, joy, peace, hope and love to the brethren. There is an unexplainable shine and desire to fellowship. All the shackles have been broken, the burdens and the yoke have been released from the shoulders of the brethren. Surely January has been such an awesome month. We have witnessed 50 people give their lives to Christ during the revival meetings and that is so powerful in the kingdom of God. We thank the Lord for Pr. Matee who harkened God’s call and came to Uganda to accomplish our January agenda of prayer and fasting. The Lord is good.
And hooray, I stated my driving lessons and am doing really well. I guess it will be me to drive Grandpa and the crew all the way!!!!(Joke) and hooray again. We are thankful to God for the provision for the property next to the church fellowship in Kibuli. We appreciate everyone who has given toward that cause. May the good Lord pour out his gracious blessings on every one who donated, gave and prayed for us to get that property.
In other news, as most of you have been aware by now, Pr Billy in his way for ministry in Karamojo was attacked by highway robbers who stole the ministry car and equipment that they were carrying along with them. They were made unconscious and later found themselves in the bush alone without a thing. We give God all of the glory that their lives were not touched. We thank God for the protection upon their lives. Our God is a very faithful God and He who watches over us will surely never sleep or slumber!!!!
In another sad not, Pr Alex of the Kibuli Church fellowship lost his son who succumbed to Injuries in a motor accident. He was buried at their ancestral home in the western part of Uganda – Rukungiri district. Please pray with the family for comfort and peace at this trying time.
Yesterday, I had a brief chat with Pr. Jonathan and all is well at the Madilyn's House. All the kids are okay. We Bless the Lord for the protection and His provision for the orphans that live at the Good Samaritan School.
Attempts to connect with Pr. Patrick of Nalidi and Pr Simon of Samburu failed as their phones could not be reached. However, on contacting Pr. Simon's wife, she said that all is well with the church and family. Pr Simon was not home so I assumed he is on mission.
Please pray for peace in our country during and after the elections on the 18th of this month. There is a lot of tension at the moment. Pray for Peace. Amen
Blessings to you all.