Mexico – Washington Christmas team, Dec 26, 2016

Gabe, Angie, Kaleb, Brooklyn, Joanna, Dale & Victor arrived in San Luis, Mexico on Thursday night with a van full of toys & sewing supplies. They have painted the storage sheds and prepared the bathrooms for painting at the new fellowship center next to the mission home. They are also caulking and putting a new weather-seal on the worship trailer during their trip. They have visited the Pentecostal church family with Pr. Ariel and will be visiting the Dream Center with Pr. Fidel and Jireh church family with Pr. Jamie before leaving on Thursday evening. They are visiting neighbors and ministry friends and will be going through cardboard city to deliver bags of beans and toys to people in that area of the city. This is Brooklyn, Joanna and Dale’s first visit so we are looking forward to their testimonies when they return. Please keep them in your prayers as they share the love of Jesus in Mexico and along the road on the way back to Washington.