12.10.16 Working in Mexico

We had a great day of fellowship and getting work done on the fellowship center. Wayne and George worked on putting sheetrock in the new bathrooms, Pr Miguel removed the forms on the stage wall, Miguel, Charlie, Alfredo and others helped level the ground for pouring the floor and Olivia ordered the materials that we will need to build the storage buildings for the worship equipment and tables and chairs. It was wonderful to sit around in the evening with Pr Fidel and talk about the marriage covenant celebration that will be held on January 1st. George and Linda renewed their wedding vows in Mexico on their 25th wedding anniversary when first called to ministry here. Now they will renew their vows for their 40th anniversary with other couples in the new fellowship center to start the new year. It was a blessing to have Yvann and Itzel and her husband, Roberto, join us. Lot's of laughing and sharing along with Miguel's tacos!