Fall Banquet Fundraiser

Saturday, November 5th, we had our first ever Fall Banquet Fundraiser and it was nothing short of amazing! All the "harvest workers" have worked tirelessly for months on planning, organizing, promoting, inviting, praying, shopping and preparing for this day and what a success it was! We were able to share the testimonies of the miracles that God is doing through Harvest Vision Ministries all around the world with nearly 70 new faces! What a blessing it was to watch new people be touched by these miracles. It was so great to watch all our our Harvest Vision Family here come together and give their time to work, whether it was decorating, hosting a table, cooking and serving food, picking up plates, filling water glasses, rinsing dishes, cleaning up afterwards, making the videos, putting together the packets, visiting with guests, sweeping the floor, babysitting the volunteer's children etc. No job was more or less important than the other when it came down to making this event possible. We send out a HUGE thank you to all who participated! Even the ones that could not join us on the night of the event! We also give a huge thank you to the guests who blessed us with your presence! We hope your heart has been touched by these testimonies as much as ours have. It was wonderful having Martin Ochieng Ngollah and Olivia Estrada share their stories and experiences with all of us.

Thank you to everybody's efforts we received funds of over $17,000 on Saturday night! Praise God!