USA – Fellowship with Fred & Denelle DeVries & family, Nov 11, 2016

Many thanks for the invitation to visit with the Fred & Denelle DeVries family and their friends. Pr Martin, from Africa, and Olivia & Sandy, from Mexico, joined George & Linda and their granddaughters, Madilyn & Hailey, for a delightful dinner and fun night of fellowship They also had the opportunity to show some DVD’s and share about the ministry in Africa and Mexico. We are thankful for Fred and his family that have done so much to support the ministry and especially the Harvest Kids. The kids have enjoyed getting to know the animals from the farm and have taken field trips to the dairy and hazelnuts. The family has not only brought the goats, calves, rabbits and dogs to Harvest Kids and given the kids horse rides, but have also donated corn and hazel nuts for fundraisers and to be a blessing to the Harvest Kids ministry.