Africa –Africa salvations & testimonies, Oct 6, 2016

We are always encouraged to hear testimonies and receive photos of the lives being transformed and communities being impacted by the work of our faithful co-laborers in Central Africa. Pr Evariste was able to coordinate 7 outreaches in Burundi in September and they were witness to 426 being led by the Holy Spirit to accept Jesus. All of these outreaches are supported by local believers in the community that are prepared and committed to help disciple these new believers in their local church families. The same great miracles are happening through the work of our newest coordinator in north Kenya, Pr Simon. He has been involved in ministry for a number of years and we were able to partner with him during this last year. They have strong pastor’s and leader’s training, church planting and very many supporting these outreaches to reach these communities in these desert areas. The people are so glad to see the Jesus film in their own language and many people are coming to the faith because they received the gospel in their own dialect language. There are many different tribes in this area that have long histories of warring against each other and we are blessed that Simon has pastor’s from all of these tribes working with him to bring hope to these regions of north Kenya and southern Ethiopia.