Shane Manke and George arrived in San Luis, Mexico 36 hours ago. They drove the truck purchased by Harvest Vision Ministries from Walker Motor Works in Marysville. The test drive was over 1,500 miles and this beautiful truck drove great. The truck is registered, licensed and insured. In these hours, they also completed the plans for the finishing of the fellowship center and set dates for George to come and over-see that project. Shane detailed the new truck & Olivia's car, weeded the front yard, patched the roof on the sewing ministry room, delivered sewing ministry supplies and purchased a battery for Miguel's motor bike. They were also blessed to visit with Lynette in Yuma and Lillieth in Somerton. They have also worked with Miguel and Olivia to schedule a marriage covenant celebration for Jan 1st that George & Linda will participate in to commemorate their 40th wedding anniversary. 22 hours and we are on our way back to Skagit Valley. Saying hi to Josefina and Brenda in the morning.