USA – Harvest Kids, Oct 8, 2016

We are so blessed with the adults that come to support these kids that are learning about Jesus and making sacrifices to help vulnerable children in Africa. Fourteen adults came to support the 11 kids that attended this morning. Thanks to Brad & Jennifer for kicking off the morning with a giant-sized version of tic-tac-toe for the kids before they went out during a break in the rain to crush cans. The kids brought their coins and were able to fill up the bullet for the 9th time. While the kids did their lesson, some of the adults came in and counted the amount of money the kids raised which was $358. Later, a couple of the kids guessed at the weight and it came in at a whopping 42 pounds! Rabecca finally got a vote from the kids on how they wanted to celebrate their victory, so next Harvest Kids, Oct. 22nd the kids will be enjoying pizza for lunch. Everyone was blessed to see the photos from the Harvest Kids field trip that we had to the Thousand Trails campground in LaConner the end of September and expressed their gratitude again to Jerry Ohmstead who invited us.
After one of the kids blessed the food that Linda had prepared and everyone finished their meal, Christie Wolffe, from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship shared a lesson about faith. The kids finished with animal balloons and making necklaces with Burundi franc coins from Africa. At the current exchange rate, the US dollar is worth 1,675 Burundi francs, meaning the kids 50 franc coins are only worth about 3 cents. One of the important aspects of Harvest Kids is to teach the kids how much they have to be grateful for living in this country.