USA Girls Sleepover, January 2, 2016

The night was spent playing games like “Twister”, “Uno”, and “Sorry”, putting puzzles together, watching movies and putting together two gingerbread houses (that worked well until the weight of the candy made them fall apart). There were four adults(Linda, Veronica, Jennifer and Emma)  and 8 girls that stayed the night and 2 that came for a few hours. The girls ranged from ages 4-12 and all got along well together. The room was full of sleeping bags and blankets. Only twice was an end put to pillow fights. The morning brought getting the room back together for adult Sunday school, then a breakfast of pancakes and bananas. We all stayed for the morning service and the girls made the children’s Sunday school class a big one for Teri Cook. The girls are definitely ready to do it again. The next get together is at the children’s museum on January 16th and a roller skating party that is still in the works. It is such fun to see the girls serving each other and learning about the love of Jesus for each one of them. The boys have already asked when they get a sleepover too. Ladies and gentlemen, the Church of the Future is well and growing.