Canada - Alert Bay, BC mission trip, Sept 4-7, 2015

Our team from Skagit Valley (George, Ted and Cami) and our friend from Oregon recently visited all our dear friends in Alert Bay BC. It was so wonderful to see so many people and we are so thankful we were called to come help with the unity between believers on this island. We are always excited to be about our Father’s business and allow him to bring fellowship between believers from the Catholic, Pentecostal, Anglican and non-denominational church families. We never know exactly what the Lord has in store for us but he never disappoints. We were called to pray and the Lord opened the doors to have fellowship with so many people. It was amazing watching God just unfold new and wonderful things. For our friend that came from Oregon this was a time to connect with old friends but also be drawn to obey the Holy Spirit, as she felt she needed to stay on few more days to pray for the community and seek God’s direction on coming back for an extended stay. We are praying for our sister as she seeks the Lord. It is so encouraging to see faithfulness and that is what is required, to live our faith in obedience, no matter what and be ready to join God where he is working. It was very special to share with the Anglican church family about the progress of getting a water well drilled for the Nalidi Grace Orphan school in E. Uganda that they had been led by the Holy Spirit to pray and support financially. Jesus said a blessing would come to those that give "even a cup of cold water in the name of Jesus" and we know He will continue to bless each one of them. It just never seems like we have enough time before we know it’s time to leave for the US. Having to say good bye is never easy but we know we will come again soon.  I am sure that everyone who went on this trip will agree it was powerful and so amazing as we saw the Holy Spirit touch the lives of so many and connect us in new ways to one another and have Jesus with us. We have tentative plans to come back in October and November.